Showcased – By 2012


‘Showcased’ was held on the rooftop carpark of Sydney’s Fox Studios on a stunning Saturday afternoon. The event was drawn together by in conjunction with major sponsors including, Xtreme Motorsports, Meguiars, Liqui Moly and 3M. The turnout was spectacular, there were over 150 cars on show, with an extensive range of different makes and models. It was outstanding to see a variation of cars other than the typical Japanese imports that you see at the monthly meets. The event’s diversity gave people the opportunity to appreciate each other’s pride and possessions, and more importantly raise awareness of Australia’s dying car culture. It was great to see that some of the boys and girls that attended were so dedicated that they had to travel interstate to be part of our event. Big shout outs to Agentz Crew and Stance Works Australia for making the trip to attend such an awesome event. To wrap things up, the event was a perfect warm-up for the highly anticipated Meguiars MotorEX show held on July 21st-22nd. We hope to see everyone there and we hope that you enjoy our coverage of the event, presented by the beautiful Iliana Rose.

Thanks guys. Please stay tuned for our next upcoming video.

To view the full coverage of ‘Showcased’please visit and further details of Meguiars MotorEX please visit

4 thoughts on “Showcased – By 2012

  1. Awesome stuff TITH Brothers! You guys have come a long way from humble beginnings and everyone can see that the hard work and effort is starting to pay off. This is just the start of more great things to come your way – you guys deserve every success!!!

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